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[02 September 1996 | 00:21 am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Quit following me around. This is your fault, you know.

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[17 August 1996 | 21:41 pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Malfoy, you twit.

You did that on purpose.

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Last night... [10 August 1996 | 16:56 pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Spent some time at the pitch. Chased the snitch around for a while.

Spent some time in the broom shed. Biscuits and pumpkin juice. I need more for my stash.

Got grass down my shirt. It was unpleasant. Had to have help getting it out.

Went exploring on the fifth floor. Didn't find anything very interesting. Oh well, maybe next time.

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[02 August 1996 | 13:06 pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Even in the middle of complete crap, there's always a bright spot.

Last night was awful. And then it was beautiful. And in the company of Slytherins, no less.


My jaw hurts.

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[31 July 1996 | 03:13 am]
[ mood | amused ]


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[30 July 1996 | 23:18 pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I don't get it.

I haven't had a chance to talk to Bill lately. He seems really busy, because he hasn't been around much recently. I hope he's alright.

Peeves is back to his old tricks. As usual he is spouting off more in the line of fiction, than truth.

Professor Lupin seems very busy lately as well. Every time I try to speak with him, he either hurries off in another direction, or barely has time to reply before he's distracted by something that needs his immediate attention. I hope he's not doing too much, he looked more drained after this last full moon than he usually does.

I thought I heard a dog barking over the weekend. But Ron was on my broom, and went to look, and saw nothing. Besides, the only dog around is Fang, and he doesn't bark. Just drools.

Malfoy is a wanker.

Hermione hasn't gotten back to me on when we can go over what she's found on the veil.

Ron and Cho. What can I say?

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will actually be ok.

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You. [12 July 1996 | 02:24 am]
[ mood | enraged ]

Who do you think you are? Really? Don't EVER feel sorry for me. I don't need your bloody pity.

You might think about pitying that idiot you call a boyfriend. Oh, yeah. "He's not my boyfriend." You really think you're bloody fooling anyone?


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[08 July 1996 | 00:48 am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Someone paid for my journal.

This is cool. I can add more pictures. I wonder what other neat things I can do now?

And I wonder who paid for it? I didn't want to do this project in the first place, so I wasn't going to bother changing galleons into muggle money to pay for it. But I added pictures, and no one else has one paid so far, so it's a novelty.

I don't know why certain people want to cause trouble. As if I'd leave my robes laying around? Right.

I saw Bill today. He looked a little better. I think Ron is still worried though.

I wonder if Bill has any free time to talk later on tonight.

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[24 June 1996 | 00:59 am]
[ mood | shocked ]

Hey, Malfoy.

Did you realize that you and Ron are cousins? Yeah. Your mum and Ron's dad are cousins. I'm sure you will want to invite Ron and all your other Weasley cousins to the next family reunion.

Sorry Ron. It's true. I found out from Sirius when we were in London. He has... has a tapestry that lists all the names of pureblood families. Just remember you don't have to actually like your relatives, eh?

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[14 June 1996 | 14:52 pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Today is the second full day that Sirius and Bill have been here. It's still so odd to see Sirius sitting in the great hall, ready to kill the computer he's trying to figure out. Bill and Ron are outside, I think down at the pitch.

It's also odd to see Sirius and Bill together. Not bad odd, just different odd. They do get along very well, and I actually can't remember seeing two people who get along quite like they do. Ron's mum and dad are happy together, but they don't tease each other and stuff, at least not very much that I've seen. Once in a while, but sometimes I'm not sure that Mrs. Weasley isn't serious when she threatens to curse Mr. Weasley's kneecaps off. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia never smile or laugh when I'm in the room, so I have no idea if they ever joke about anything.

Bill and I talked the other night. The night they got here. I wasn't very comfortable at first, but Bill is just so cool that after a while it didn't seem so strange to be asking him questions. He made some very interesting points, and told me a few very interesting secrets. (No, Ron. I'm not going to tell you. He's your brother, YOU ask him.) I talked to Sirius after that, and he made some really brilliant points, too.

I don't think ... I am pretty sure ... Never mind. I don't know what I was going to say there. I do know that seeing Sirius and Bill together makes me think that the way Malfoy acts isn't the way most boys who like boys act. If that made any sense. Apparently he's just a git in everything he does.

I think that's about all. It looks like Sirius has figured out how to run the internet browser on his computer. Er... what the bloody hell is he looking at? I think I'd better find something for us to do, preferably outside, because I don't think Professor McGonagall would approve.

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[13 June 1996 | 16:32 pm]
[ mood | good ]

It's nothing.

Again, nothing

Still nothing.

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[12 June 1996 | 23:02 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I just had the best conversation with Sirius. I can't believe he's here, and he's free!

Sirius said he's going to be staying at the castle for the time being, but he's going to look into buying a house nearby, perhaps in Hogsmeade. He also asked if I'd still like to come live with him. I think I must have looked at him like he was crazy, because I certainly wondered why he'd even question that! Live with my Godfather? Instead of the Dursleys? Live in the wizarding world all the time, instead of the muggle world? Why would I ever say no??

I know it wouldn't be for a while, because of having to work this summer, and then school, but at least I'd have a home to go to for holidays, and weekends!

I wish Professor Lupin were here. It's too bad he had to go get more supplies. And this weekend is the full moon, so he won't even know Sirius is here until Monday. He will be very happy to see Sirius, I know that.

Bill Weasley is here too, and Ron had a good time talking to him. I think he's the one who helped arrange Sirius' pardon with the Ministry of Magic. He got a haircut, too. I kind of like it, you can see his earring better. His mum will probably be ecstatic.

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[09 June 1996 | 23:39 pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I am still a little confused about the way Cho acted during school last year. I thought we were actually going to get together for a while there.

I should have listened to Ron. Girls are just amazingly confusing. And now Ginny and Neville? This is just too strange.

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[08 June 1996 | 21:44 pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Oi, Ron, Herm...

I just got an owl from Snuffles!Collapse )

Where are you two? I checked in the common room, and you're not here in the hall. I wonder if Professor Lupin knows anything else? You guys want to go with me to talk to him?

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[02 June 1996 | 22:49 pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Right then.

Hermione says to post about things that happened today.

Malfoy hit me in the head with a board. I'm pretty sure it was on purpose.

Ron, Hermione and I nicked some food in the kitchens. No matter what she says, chocolate sauce on bread pudding is NOT disgusting. And I won't regret it tomorrow.

Hermione also says writing about hating Malfoy would probably be easy. I think that's just going to get me in another duel. I just want it known that I was doing FINE on my own, before everyone else jumped in.

I'm glad Professor Lupin is back. I'm also glad that although Professor Snape is here, there's no potions classes until fall.

Ron needs to stop punching that space bar. It's going to break.

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